Javascript cropping engine

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100% Pure Javascript

All vanilla with no dependencies, or use official wrappers for the component framework of your choice


Interface will automatically resize if the image size changes because of responsive CSS rules.

Touch Support

Touch support tested with Android, iOS, and Chromebook. Mouse and touch are simultaneous and automatic.

Multiple Crops

Single cropping widgets are so boring widgets on the same stage are the doorway to advanced interfaces.

Clean open source

Webpack'd for your convenience, the full source code is open, easy to develop with, and MIT licensed.

Advanced Control

Create complex interactivity that transcends mere cropping using the well-documented API.



  • Easily attach to any DOM element unobtrusively
  • Uses native events to coordinate behaviors
  • Crop elements can be constrained to a given ratio
  • Clean, commented source code
  • Full in-depth documentation
  • Keyboard support for arrow keys, deletion
  • Touch support for tablets and mobile

Jcrop Guide

Internal Objects