Events and Handlers

Jcrop emits events in the DOM when the user interacts with a widget or when changes happen, such as options being changed. This document describes how to detect these events and what they mean.

There are two ways to listen for events in Jcrop:

  • Use the built-in listen() method to attach a handler function
  • Use the DOM addEventListener() method to listen for native events


Use these event names with stage.listen() or widget.listen()

Event Name Description
crop.activate Active widget has changed
crop.update Widget dragging or resizing (frequent!)
crop.change Widget dragging or resizing finished
crop.remove Widget removed from stage

Listen for events

const stage = Jcrop.attach('target');

stage.listen('crop.move',(widget,e) => {

Best practice

As you can probably guess, the built-in jcrop.listen() method is a simple wrapper around the native element.addEventListener() method.

The jcrop.listen() method is the preferred approach. The way native events are augmented and handled may change in future versions.